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Introduction to Westcon

Western Contractors Contracting Est. (Westcon) is a diverse contracting Establishment whose success rests on its highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Since its beginning in 2005 the company has witnessed continuous success and steady growth. With the combination of its vast resources and expertise, it has developed into a solid contracting entity.

Westcon's ethos and culture has its foundations on longstanding core values: Reliability, Precision and Trust. We spend sufficient time verifying all project details and ensuring the client receives the best possible final product. This mentality is the driving force behind Westcon's long list of outstanding projects. Our turnkey solutions are designed in such a way that simplifies the process and upholds completion of work within the complied time frames. Westcon treats its perspective clients in the same way it does to its existing clients – with delicacy and pledges its full commitment to them as well. No matter the intensity of work, you will get no less dedication and effort from Westcon. In Westcon, the completion of work will only be the end of an assignment, not of a relationship.

Westcon believes that to be acknowledged means enhancing the partnership with each and every client. By embracing this partnership role, Westcon makes a guarantee to be truly receptive to the client's needs.

Westcon’s wide scope of activities spans from: civil engineering, mechanical and electrical works, buildings and infrastructure and operation & maintenance activities. These combined and comprehensive engineering and management capabilities, ensures our ability to meet and exceed client requirements from conception to completion.

What is Westcons magic formula? … One word: Organization
From the moment a Request for Quotation is received by Westcon executives it enters a systemized bidding process that ensures success for all parties involved, every time.

First: The executive team has a preliminary meeting to discuss project objectives and constraints.
This meeting directs the engineering staff in the path of the project objects. It negates any unnecessary mistakes.

Then… Learning your project before it's executed
We provide as much front end time as possible to thoroughly study your project and assimilate all the required information based on its specifications. We supply drawings to the estimators and construction managers to develop cost estimates and time schedules for your approval. Furthermore, we contact all necessary vendors and subcontractors to compile a complete list of vendors to contact once the project is awarded.

Now the project has been awarded:
With all permits obtained, we break ground and start to build. Scheduled on site meetings are pre-scheduled to keep you up to date with constant progress. All project work is done with the highest standards and attention to even the most minor details is Westcon's topmost priority. Any project changes are dealt with by a standardized change order system to meet all client demands. Westcon has a competent team of professionals to comprehend and solve site challenges.

At project completion:
Westcon hands over the keys to the client ensuring that the client is content.


Main Contractor for Dammam University. Design, execute, and operate Gas and Firefighting systems for university; 19 buildings in total. Buildings include: 10 warehouses, girls dorm, design college, dentist college, central library, printing press, main gymnasium, central mosque, car workshop and pet home building.

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