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This is to express my appreciation for the outstanding Work of Westcon with regards to the Arabian Trade Facility and Service Center in Second Industrial City Dammam. This was a large and complex project, and your staff operated diligently to create a positive relationship between the architect, the contractor, and the City. The Western Contractors team was dedicated to the project, a pleasure to work with, and expert in their professional efforts. The team members went out of their way to resolve any problems or obstacles in a way that accomplished the goals and sustained respect among all those working on the project. Thank you for the extraordinary quality of your work, your cooperation, and your attention to detail. If the occasion should arise in the future, I look forward to working with Westcon.

mr. yousef sarhan

Westcon was always around to protect the Owners concerns with every aspect of the project. They were proactive and not defensive when any problems arose; a real Owners Advocate! We definitely like to use their professional construction services again.

architect samer stetie